Born February 2, 1984, psychologist,
Zhuijiao Emilian practiced various martial arts such as
than taekwondo and karate.

In 2011, he started at Shun Wu Tang.

In September 2012, Shifu Martin founds the Tours School.

It takes its roots from the historic school of Ballan-Miré.

This first school Shun Wu Tang of France was created by Shibo Christian in the late 90s.

In September 2017, Shifu Martin leaves the city of Tours for the Basque Country.
Emilien takes back the teaching during his absence, as a referent.

In August 2018, Grandmaster SU gives Emilien the title of Zhùjiào
(teaching assistant) after obtaining his 2nd degree.

He takes charge of teaching and continues to train with other shifus.

Schedules and Days of course :

Monday & Friday : 18h30-20h

Contact : 06 11 95 97 93

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