ShīBó Christian
Black belt 5th degree





Shibo MALLANTS Christian, doctor, is the founding father
Kung Fu Luo Han Quan of the Shun Wu Tang Family in France.

Shibo Christian has studied martial arts since his teenage years.
It all starts with Judo, especially the Mongolian Ju Jitsu,
with Maître Georges LEROY from the Belgian Judo-Ju Jitsu Academy, Brussels.

At the same time, he practices traditional karate with master CALMETTE.

Continuing the practice of Judo and Ju Jitsu in Zaire and South Africa.

In 1984, he began practicing shaolin Kung Fu

with master SEBRECHTS in Johannesburg, South Africa.

In 1987, Master SU Jin Miao arrives in South Africa.

Christian decides to join him and after the master has accepted him,
he began studying the Luo Han style "Shun Wu Tang".

In 1991, Christian Shibo joined France and Master SU joined his country: Taiwan.

In 1997, Shibo Christian undertakes to teach this Chinese boxing system

to his son and some French students.

In June 2009, with the agreement of Master SU, Shibo Christian passes the baton

to his most faithful and former student who is none other than his son Cédric.

Shifu Cédric thus reaches the title of Shibo !

Shibo Christian remains honorary, Honorary President

of all Shun Wu Tang Branchs in France.

He guarantees the respect of the traditions transmitted by our Grand Master SU Jin Miao.

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