ShīBó Martin
Saint Jean de Luz

ShiFu Martin - Shun Wu Tang Pays Basque

Martin Blouin, artist and educator.

Child of the ball born in Tours on 18 March 1987.

He is the son of a circusian mother, puppeteer, clown and magician trained at the Annie Fratellini circus school and of a father, a draughtsman and drawing teacher at the Brassart School, a school of creative crafts.

From a very young age, he was introduced to the world of circus arts within the Moralles family and the company C’KOI CE CIRK.

He took the bait and joined the circus school in Bordeaux and continued his professional training at the international centre for the creation of circus arts in Brussels.

With curiosity he dives into contemporary dance and undertakes various internships at the international school P. A. R. T. S, with the dancer choreographer Susanne Betley and again with the Ballet Prejlocaj at the Pavillon Noir.

He was a circusian for 3 months for the Cabaret de la Lune during a tour in Eastern Europe (Italy, Serbia, Romania, Croatia).

He later joined the Compagnie Tapis Volant during an international tour.

He is a founding member of Collectif Sans Plomb with Jérémie Halter of Collectif Micro Focus and Paul Cretin of Muchmuche Company.
The project focuses on exploring and experimenting with dance and circus arts through improvisation in non-dedicated venues.

At the same time, his desire to pass on led him to the teaching of circus arts, where he obtained his state diploma in the same year.

He works for 7 years for the company C’KOI CE CIRK and teaches children and adults the arts of circus and track.

He has been studying martial arts for 25 years and practises Judo, Karate, Kalarippayatt, MMA, Jujitsu, Viet Vo Dao and Kung Fu.

For 15 years he has been working in the Shun Wu Tang Traditional Martial Art School.

He obtained the title of ShiFu in Taiwan (father-instructor) and got the opportunity to open his own Branch in Tours and later in Saint Jean de Luz.

He is now a graduate of the 4th degree black belt of Kung Fu Shun Wu Tang, with the title of ShiBo, he also has the responsibility of Shun Wu Tang branchs of France.

He now lives in the Basque Country and at the same time creates the art school of the Fitxi movement, a mix of artistic and martial practices.

He continues to train with professionals of the movement, notably through internships and trainings.

He is currently a student in Bordeaux in the 4th year at the IMTC (Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine) with the aim of becoming a therapist.

Schedules and Days of course: :

Thursday 18h30-20h30 

Contact : 06 70 53 64 90

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