SHīBO Martin
Saint Jean de Luz

ShiFu Martin - Shun Wu Tang Pays Basque

Born March 18, 1987, sports educator,
Shifu Martin has practiced many sports such as dance and circus.

He practiced Kung Fu Choy Lee Fut for two years and in 2007 he chose to specialize in a more traditional practice :
the Luo-Han Quan.

In September 2012, he opened the school of Tours after obtaining the 2nd degree of black belt, awarded by Master SU.

In September 2017, he opens
the school of Guéthary in the french Basque country.

Graduate of the 3rd degree of black belt.

Schedules and Days of course: :

Tuesday 18h30-20h30 ; Saturday 10h-12h

Contact : 06 70 53 64 90