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Nicolas Nogier, born in 1979, has been a Masseur-Physiotherapist by profession since 2005.
Her attraction to physical activities began at the age of 9 with 3 years of Postural Streching.

After several years exploring different collective and individual sports activities, he turned to Tai Chi Chuan at the age of 17 with Master Paul Woofon from the ITCCA. In this way, he continues his study of the human body.

This two-year experience, followed by four additional years at Saint Etienne with a disciple of Master Woofon, sows a seed that will only germinate 15 years later. In 2014, he joined the traditional school of kung-fu Shun Wu Tang, based in Saint-Michel-de-Bannières (46), and follows the teaching of Shifu Frédéric. Five years of work allow him to acquire the rank of first degree black belt.

Following the closure of the Saint Michel de Banner school in 2019, he continues his apprenticeship in martial arts with Shi Bo Martin (from the Shun Wu Tang Basque Country school) and explores other bodily abilities with Fitxi, Martin Blouin's School of Movement Arts.

It was in 2023, when Grand Master Su came to the international course of the Shun Wu Tang school in France. that he reaches the second degree of black belt and receives the title of Zhù Jiào.

In September 2023, he opened the Végennes school in Corrèze, under the responsibility of Shi Bo Martin.

In parallel and in connection with his profession, the meeting of Wilfrid Delamer in 2009 and Sinokinetic Mediation allows him a first initiation to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

He continues this study through Jean Pelissier and the oral teachings he offers. Always attracted by Chinese thought and with the aim of deepening his knowledge, he begins in 2021, the 5-year course of traditional Chinese medicine at the EMC of Clermont Ferrand..

Horaires de cours :

mercredi 19h15-21h15​

Salle de fête de Végennes 19120

Contact : 06 61 37 15 12

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